Boracay Island

Like the Vegas of the Philippines, Boracay Island is catered exclusively to tourists. Sprawling beachside restaurants offer live entertainment like music, fire dancers, and stunts much to the delight of the thousands of visitors milling about White Beach. Venture further down south on the island to explore some undiscovered beaches; my favorite day in Boracay was spent free diving at a deserted beach we found on a map. Snorkel above spiky black sea urchins and dive into schools of silver and blue fish! Your mermaid vibes will be kicking in in no time!

Lemoni Cafe

We stumbled upon Lemoni Cafe on our way to the beach one morning and were attracted to it's sunny open floor plan. This cafe is great for people with dietary restrictions--they labeled which items were vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, and more! After speaking with the waitresses, they told me that their breads are always vegan and that I could order both a bread basket and the mediterranean vegetable focaccia sandwich with no concern over it's vegan authenticity. The sandwich was hearty but not anything amazing. The bread basket, though, was amazing. I ordered it with a side of smashed avocado and lemon and made an awesome avocado toast for breakfast. Lemoni Cafe has reasonable prices and good food for vegans or people with allergies.



Aklan D' Mall D' Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

Other notable eateries:

-True Indian (far from the best Indian food I have, this place does a good job of at least offering vegetarian options. Nice beach front dining area. Double check that your order does not contain cream)

-Pizza Project (a build your own pizza place, so it's easy to veganize. If a very short, young Filipino Pizza Project employee tries to sell you a boat tour, do NOT buy it from him. He ripped us off and we had to hunt him down to get our money back.)

-Prahna (I didn't go here but it's apparently a fancy, all vegetarian restaurant with good vegan options)