The Plant Gallery

Bondi is becoming more and more vegan-friendly and with The Plant Gallery opening up right on Bondi Road, raw vegans now have a place that specializes in uncooked fare!

Even though I'm not a raw vegan, I absolutely love raw foods. When the Plant Gallery invited me to come try their "Chef's Experience" I was so stoked. The Chef's Experience is enough food for two people and is comprised of one appetizer, one salad, and one entree. We got to try the Beetroot Carpaccio, the Zucchini Noodles, and the Sweet Onion Pizza. We also decided to order two drinks as well as their version of a Caesar salad. 

The Beetroot Carpaccio had such beautiful thinly sliced beets, greens, and a super tasty dressing. The sweetness of the beets were the perfect complement to the bitterness of the greens. We devoured the entire plate! The Zoodles came with a magnificently creamy cashew chili sauce with corn and raw parmesan. OMG--so yummy. Even though the Zoodles and Carpaccio were amazing, they were overshadowed by the insane flavors of the Caesar Salad and Sweet Onion Pizza. The salad was such an explosion of flavors with the nori adding an "oceany" element to it. The eggplant bacon was smoky and salty, I feel like I could've eaten a whole bowl of it. This is definitely a must-order! My all-time favorite menu item though, the plate I keep dreaming about, is the sweet-onion pizza. The crust is chewy, the sauces are flavorful and creamy, and the toppings are crisp and fresh. It was such an amazing bomb of flavors. My friends and I all agreed the pizza was the best dish we had. 

When you go to the Plant Gallery, don't forget to take a look at their cold brew coffee drinks. I tried the Vanilla Sky and was so impressed! It was creamy and slightly sweet, just the way I like it. My friend ordered the Chili Chocolate coffee and really enjoyed the kick from the peppers! I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff so I'll be sticking with the Vanilla bev!

Impress raw vegan skeptics by taking them for coffee, pizza, and salad at The Plant Gallery. Seriously--no one can deny that this place serves yummy food!

The Plant Gallery

95 Bondi Road

Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW 2026