Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher Shop

Newtown is Sydney's mecca for vegan eats, with restaurants specializing in plant-based pizzas and spots serving cruelty-free Vietnamese fare. Nestled right into the quirky landscape of King St. is Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher Shop, a vegan meat-lovers paradise! Suzy Spoons is most popular for their homemade sausages (which can be purchased with meals or packaged to take home), but I always go back for the Chicken Schnitzel Burger.


The Schnitzel burger consists of thinly sliced battered and fried seitan. The seitan is served with lettuce and ketchup and mayo. I honestly never knew how satisfying those two condiments could be. Suzy Spoons dresses this burger to the nines so the sauces are legit dripping out of it down your hands and forearms (no joke). It's freaking MESSY so don't eat this on a first date lolz. The bun is more like a ciabatta-style bread. It's so so so soft and yummy. 

Other notable menu items include the Big Breakfast which comes with your choice of sausage and mushrooms, toast, hash browns, and tomato. I've also indulged in the waffles with poached fruit and ice cream. Very yummy and filling. 

When you've got a craving for some unhealthy vegan fare, stop by Suzy Spoons and give their Schnitzel burger a try--you won't regret it!

Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher

22 King Street 

Sydney NSW 2042