Bliss & Chips

Bliss & Chips is an all vegan fish & chips shop--it seriously does not get anymore Newtown than that, hey!? This simple order-at-the-counter eatery has all the usual menu items of a fish & chips shop, but it's totally vegan. 

My friend Mel and I made a trip to taste the fried fishy goodness. Just as a disclaimer, I have never had real fish & chips in my life and am not sure fish itself was something I particularly enjoyed eating as a non vegetarian. That being said, I likely am not the best person to be reviewing a vegan fish shop but I wanted to share my experience with my readers, anyway!

We decided to try a couple of the menu items, like the chips, the standard "fish", the gluten-free "fish", the "shrimp", and the "calamari" with a couple different sauces. While I love the idea of a vegan chip shop, I can't say I loved what I had here. It's a novel idea but there is a lack of depth of flavor--it all tasted the same! I've heard that even normal fish & chips tastes like that (just a bit salty and crunchy and fried) so perhaps that's the exact taste they were going for. The basic "fish" tasted sooo fishy to me (not my thing but probably a fish-lovers dream!). The gluten-free fish bites were definitely my favorite. 

After we devoured our plate of fried food, we also ordered their deep fried candy bars to try. I got their version of a Mars bar, which was so melty and yummy. I definitely recommend it! 

Prices are a bit high at Bliss & Chips, so be prepared to spend more than you were planning (I spent about $30 for a shared meal with Mel and my own dessert).  This novel eatery is worth a try but, to be honest, I won't be rushing back anytime soon. When those fried cravings hit, though, I know where to go. Thank you, Bliss & Chips for offering an interesting and exciting specialized vegan eatery :)

Bliss & Chips

215 King St.

Newtown, Sydney NSW 2042