Sadhana Kitchen

If you follow any Sydney-based vegan Instagram food blogger, you've almost certainly heard of Newtown's raw vegan cafe, Sadhana Kitchen. Filtered photos of big overflowing bowls of veggies, heavenly Cocowhips, and fancy looking bevs are accompanied by excited captions bursting with rave reviews and positive comments.

Since the Bonny Rebeccas and Emily Hunts of the blogosphere have spoken so highly of this quaint little cafe, I knew I needed to try it. I met up with Bianca (@sadvegangirl) to give quaint Newtown eatery a try. While it's definitely yummy, it's nothing spectacular. 

As an entree, I ordered the Sadhana Super Bowl, and boy do they jam pack a lot of veggies in there! Pesto zucchini and cucumber noodles come dressed with kale, tomatoes, sauerkraut, spinach, turmeric hummus, and sesame seeds. The flavors of this dish were really nice, but I found all the acidic toppings (like vinegar) to be a little hard on my stomach. My tastebuds were happy, my stomach was not. It was extremely filling though, so that's certainly a plus! 



Even though I was totally full after my Sadhana Super Bowl, I knew I couldn't leave without ordering a Cocowhip. For the hefty price of $13, I ordered the Salted Caramel flavor. The price tag is quite high considering it's just glorified frozen yogurt (that's raw, vegan, and healthy, mind you), but it is honestly SO worth it. The creamy whipped up coconut water is topped with a delicious caramel sauce and slices of Sadhana's raw vegan caramel bar. It is SO heavenly. Even though it's free of refined sugars, fats, dairy, and cooked ingredients, it tastes so decadent. You wouldn't even know it's raw! Sadhana Kitchen is really only worth it if you get a Cocowhip, in my opinion.

 Salted Caramel Cocowhip |  @diningwithdevyn

Salted Caramel Cocowhip | @diningwithdevyn

For all the social media hype about Sadhana Kitchen, I was pretty underwhelmed by the savory food options. The outrageously delicious Cocowhip makes up for the decent but not amazing entree I ordered. I'll definitely be going back---only for dessert, though!!

Sadhana Kitchen

147 Enmore Rd,

Enmore NSW 2042