The Dandylion Bondi

I think I need to thank all the picky Bondi Hipsters for the abundance of vegan and vegetarian friendly places popping up in and around Bondi Beach! More than any other suburb in Sydney, Bondi seems to be the most on top of plant-based options for vegan gals (like me!) and the trendy, beard growing, weed-smoking beach-dwelling crowd.

Right up the road from my apartment (how lucky am I?!) is Dandylion Cafe, a relatively new vegetarian eatery with many vegan options available. Over the weekend, I stopped in for brunch to meet up with some fellow vegan Instagrammers Mel (@lovelightandbananas), Hanna (@hannasplanet), and Ariana (@plantifull). 

Dandylion Cafe |  @diningwithdevyn

Dandylion Cafe | @diningwithdevyn

Dandylion has a clean, neat yet rustic interior with interesting raised tables to sit at. With big open windows facing Bondi Road, there's tons of natural light (perfect for food photography haha!). When we all arrived at 11 AM, we were hoping to be able to order off of both their breakfast and lunch menus. We were disappointed to learn they wouldn't cook anything off of the lunch menu until 1 PM! We all agreed that seemed like a weird time to start serving lunch.

Update: Some of the lunch items are now available for brunch (like the veggie faaaav!). They've also added a new vegan buffet on weekend mornings. Score!

Iced Coffees and Iced Chocolates |  @diningwithdevyn

Iced Coffees and Iced Chocolates | @diningwithdevyn

Despite the lack of lunch options available to us, we went ahead and ordered anyway. I decided to try the Breakfast Burrito, while the other girls each ordered the Tofu Scramble. We also all ordered iced drinks--Ariana and I got the iced coffee with coconut whipped cream while Hanna and Mel tasted the Iced Chocolates. The drinks were soooooo incredible!! Topped with a thick coconut whipped cream, pretty edible flowers, and sliced almonds, the beverages looked and tasted amazing. The whipped cream gave the coffee a delightful sweetness that I really enjoyed. The drinks were definitely a winner!

Breakfast Burrito |  @diningwithdevyn

Breakfast Burrito | @diningwithdevyn

Dandylion Cafe does a really nice job of making their food look really beautiful! My breakfast burrito came out sprinkled in more edible flowers with a pretty array of sauces around the plate. It was a very soft burrito and was impossible to eat with my hands, so I used a knife and fork. With scrambled tofu, homemade beans, avocado, and a coriander pesto, the flavors were interesting, especially the Asian inspired sweet chili sauce it's served with. While it wasn't the best breakfast burrito I've had, it was yummy and very filling. 

Update: Several months have past since I first wrote this post, and I've been back to Dandylion several times. Every time I go, the food gets tastier, the service gets better, and it moves higher and higher up on my list of the best restaurants in Sydney. Dandylion has easily become my number on favorite place to dine in this beautiful beach-side city!

The veggie burger has taken a firm grip on my heart--it's SO yummy! The patty is made in house using quinoa, olives, and brown rice. It's the perfect texture--not too hard or dry with such a nice flavor. The coleslaw, aioli, and pickles it comes with offer such delicious variations in flavor. Mmm I'm drooling just thinking about it! Included in the $20 price tag are the most amazing sweet potato fries ever! They come with a vegan garlic aioli dipping sauce 

Dandylion Cafe

277 Bondi Road

Bondi, Sydney NSW 2026