Earth to Table

Over the last couple of months, my interest in raw foods has grown immensely. To be honest, I used to be a little judgmental about raw food and raw diets just because I always assumed it would never taste as good as something cooked (sounds like the way a die-hard meat eater thinks about vegan food, doesn't it?! Just goes to show how much we can learn and open our minds to new experiences!). After trying out some really awesome raw meals though, my perspective on uncooked foods has vastly improved. Now, instead of just sampling a raw dish every few months, I actually seek out restaurants with entirely raw menus.

Luckily for me and my newfound interest in room temperature vegetables, there's Earth to Table Bondi, an entirely raw and organic eatery located just a few miles from my apartment. I stopped in for lunch the other day and went big, ordering a drink, two entrees, and a dessert. 

The drink that really caught my attention was the raw vegan Dandelion Chai latte. I had never had or even heard of a raw latte before and was curious how it was done and if it would taste good. Dandylion tea has a really earthy taste and mixed with the spiciness of the Chai, it tasted pretty good. It was surprisingly warm, too! I was particularly impressed by the homemade almond milk foam...I'm still not sure how they did that! 

 Raw Dandelion Chai Latte with Homemade Almond Milk |  @diningwithdevyn

Raw Dandelion Chai Latte with Homemade Almond Milk | @diningwithdevyn

Next up were the entrees! We ordered the Shepherd's Pie and BLT. The Shepherd's Pie was piled high with a variety of veggies, like peas, carrots, and corn, a cauliflower mash, and dehydrated house made sweet potato crisps. It was served with a creamy, savory sauce that did not seem raw at all! The flavors of this dish were really yummy, but not amazing enough for me to order it again. 

 Raw Shepherd's Pie |  @diningwithdevyn

Raw Shepherd's Pie | @diningwithdevyn

The BLT, on the other hand, was super tasty! The raw bread was surprisingly soft and served as the perfect vessel for the sandwich's fillings! Coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a tangy horseradish mustard blended together perfectly. This sandwich was really flavorful and tasted just as good as any other non-raw vegan BLT.

Even though my savory dishes and interesting drink at Earth to Table were noteworthy, they can't even compare to the dessert we tried. After debating long and hard about which amazingly delicious sweet we should try, we settled on the raw raspberry torte and OH MY GOD it was literally UNBELIEVABLE! First and foremost, it looked like a freakin work of art. Covered in edible flavors and creamy sauces, it could seriously go in an art gallery as some edible exhibition. But that's not even the best part--it tasted even better than it looked. It's so smooth and creamy with a delicate sweetness that won't overbear your tastebuds but also won't leave you wanting more either. It's so satisfying and delicious. At $10 a slice, it's a bit expensive but it is seriously soooo worth it guys. 

Earth to Table's raw take on classic favorites is impressive and super tasty! The familiar looking menu is likely comforting to raw newbies, while veg heads will go crazy deciding what classic dish they should try. The entrees are certainly worthwhile, but what really sets Earth to Table apart from the rest is their extravagant raw desserts. 

Earth to Table

85 Bronte Rd

Bondi Junction NSW 2022