Speedo's Cafe

Situated right along the beach in Bondi is Speedo's Cafe, a quaint eatery with expansive ocean views and, of course, plenty of vegan options. After bouldering up the cliffs in Bondi, my friend Averi and I stopped in for lunch. It was an absolutely perfect day, so we sat by the open window and enjoyed our food with a dose of salty air and Australian sunshine.

With so many good options on the menu, we had a hard time deciding what to order! The "pots" of chia pudding sounded enticing, as did the various fruit smoothies, but, knowing me and my endless appetite, I settled on the veggie burger. Averi and I also decided to split one of their fresh juices to gives us a nutrition boost after a day spent on the cliffs.

Veggie Burger |  @diningiwthdevyn

Veggie Burger | @diningiwthdevyn

For $20, I got a giant burger with a hefty side of fries--pretty standard pricing for a beachside cafe in Sydney. It came stacked on top of a whole wheat bun with sliced beets, arugula, sour cherry BBQ (which sounds weird but was actually totally awesome), thick slices of tomato, and a chickpea, flax, and sesame seed patty. All of the veggies on this burger were so delicious--I loved the sweetness of the sliced beets and really enjoyed the tart BBQ sauce. Unfortunately, my least favorite part was the patty. It was intensely dry with an unsatisfying crispy outer shell. I actually removed chunks of the patty and liked my meal better when it was just the bun, sauce, and veggies. The fries were delicious (are they ever not delicious?) but the tiny tub of ketchup provided with the plate wasn't nearly enough! 

Green Machine |  @diningwithdevyn

Green Machine | @diningwithdevyn

The juice we ordered was probably my favorite part of my meal at Speedo's. Called the "Green Machine" it had a ton of fruits and veggies like spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, apple juice, goji berries, and chia seeds. It was crisp and cool, which was new to me! Most pressed juice bars serve their drinks at room temperature. I loved that this one was chilled and served in an adorable mason jar with goji berries and chia seeds sprinkled on top. So yummy!

Speedo's Cafe |  @diningwithdevyn

Speedo's Cafe | @diningwithdevyn

The view at Speedo's Cafe is unbeatable, but the vegan food options can use a little improvement.  I'll definitely be back to Speedo's soon, but will stick to their fresh fruit smoothies and puddings next time! 

Speedo's Cafe

2/126 Ramsgate Ave.

North Bondi NSW 2026