Superfood Sushi

Whenever I tell people how much I like sushi, they're always like, "Sushi?! You eat fish?! You're totally not vegan...", and then I always have to be like, "Hush, hush, hush, have you ever heard of avocado rolls?".

It's true, I absolutely love sushi and would eat it everyday if my pocketbook permitted it. My taste in sushi is simple: some good rice, a bit of seaweed, and ripe avocado with ginger is all I need to be a happy gal. Even though I can totally appreciate a simple avo-roll, sometimes it's cool to try the more creative plant-based rolls. When I saw pictures of Superfood Sushi in Sydney, I knew I needed to try it.

I took two separate trains from Bondi Beach, and then walked three miles in the cold all alone to try this place. It certainly didn't least not totally. I decided to try their small pre-made pack of a variety of sushi rolls. It came with 7 unique pieces (including Inari) for $10 total, quite a bit more than I'm used to paying back home. The rolls were all quite different and interesting (one had a mango chili hummus, another was topped with a kiwi slice) and while they were definitely good, they weren't out-of-this-world amazing. The flavors were all there but I could kind of tell that it had been made several hours earlier. The rice was a bit mushy and the seaweed was tough. Made fresh, I bet this would have been perfect! But since I visited in the afternoon, it seemed to have lost it's spark over the hours it was sitting in the ice chest.

Everyone seems to really love this place and I would definitely give it another go, but may just make the trek over there a bit earlier in the day to avoid a roll that's losing it's spark!

Superfood Sushi

69-77 King Street

Newtown NSW 2042