Lord of the Fries

For my vegan pals who miss the convenience of order-at-the-counter fast food places, you've got Lord of the Fries. Located in Sydney's CBD, Lord of the Fries offers no seating whatsoever, so you really get that fast-food vibe.

Lord of the Fries is entirely vegetarian and super vegan friendly. They offer a range of creative, unique burgers that are sure to satisfy the craving of any meat-eater or veg-foodie.

On one of my first nights in Sydney, I ventured out to this tiny fried food heaven and ordered a mini Poutine burger (it's like the size of a slider) and a small order of their fries with the vegan Parisian garlic aioli. At first, I was convinced the mini burger wouldn't be enough to fill me up but I was soooo wrong! 

Mini Poutine Burger |  @diningwithdevyn

Mini Poutine Burger | @diningwithdevyn

The Poutine burger had two types of vegan cheese (!!!), fries, gravy, and a vegan "beef" patty. While it was small, paired with the huge side of fries, it was more than enough to fill me up. I honestly don't think I'll ever need to order the regular size burger from there! The fries were absolutely perfect with a crispy outside and soft, tender center. The creamy garlic aioli was so delicious and left my breath smelling like a rose afterwards (lollll!). 

Ugly Fries (lol) with Creamy Garlic "Parisian" Aiolo |  @diningwithdevyn

Ugly Fries (lol) with Creamy Garlic "Parisian" Aiolo | @diningwithdevyn

If you're craving some of that unhealthy good-good, Lord of the Fries is your place. Creative burgers, a range of sauces, and a variety of fries to choose from means you'll get the fried feast of your dreams. 

Lord of the Fries

537 George St, 
Sydney 2000