Solo Trip to Stockholm

After 10 months of traveling with friends through Australia, Asia, and Europe, I embarked on a solo trip to Stockholm. This was my first experience traveling alone and, to be honest, I was incredibly nervous. The recent terror attacks in Europe left me feeling anxious about my flights (and flying, despite my travel bug, is something I already despise with a deep passion) and I worried about sitting up in the air by myself. But, as I should have expected, everything went totally well and the flight was a breeze! Once I touched down in Stockholm, the uncharacteristically pleasant spring sun warmed my skin and felt amazing after a freezing week in London. I was excited to try out all the vegan restaurants my little heart desired, without having to compromise with friends (does that make me selfish? LOL). It was exciting spending time in a foreign country all by myself. My trip to Stockholm proved to myself that I'm just as comfortable traveling alone as I am with friends, and that I never need to let the lack of a companion keep me from exploring the places I want to see. 


Located in Gamla Stan (the old town of Stockholm), Naturbageriet is an almost entirely vegan bakery with mouthwatering cinnamon rolls, pastries, and savory hand pies. I went back to this bakery every single day during my stay in Stockholm to grab one of their massive cinnamon rolls for 20 kroner (about $2 USD). They were so flakey, buttery, and sweet. I couldn't get enough! I also tried on of their spinach and tofu pies but didn't like it very much. Stick to their sweet pastries and you'll be happy as a clam!

Stora Nygatan 6, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden


Like Naturbageriet, I went back to Chutney a couple times while staying in Stockholm. It was the perfect place to have lunch or dinner after spending 6+ hours roaming around the city (which is what I did every day in Stockholm!). For about 189 kroner, I got this massive veggie burger and a pile of wedges, as well as access to their appetizer buffet which included coffee, tea, salad, bread, vegan butter, and five different fruit and herb infused waters. So while $18 USD seems a bit high for a veggie burger, the amount of food you get for that price is pretty insane. Chutney is located in Sodermalm which is the trendy "hipster" part of Stockholm. With it's yuppy bars and progressive culinary scene, it's a fun place to go out and chow down on some veg food!

Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm, Sweden

Snickarbacken 7

During one of my day long random excursions through Stockholm, I happened across Snickarbacken 7, an adorably rustic cafe bursting with fresh flowers and, you guessed it, vegan food. This hidden cafe isn't 100% plant-based but it offers several vegan-friendly meals. I decided to sit down and order an acai bowl with out bee pollen. It was creamy, sweet, and tart, and fueled me perfectly on my seven hour walk through Sweden's capital. 

Snickarbacken 7, 111 39 Stockholm, Sweden


Just a few steps down the street from Naturbageriet is Hermitage, a vegetarian lunch buffet. For about $20 USD (I know that's pricey but Sweden itself is pricey!), you get access to a salad bar, five hot dishes, and coffee, tea, or water. I loaded up on the greens and got some rice, vegan meatballs, and roasted potatoes. The food was tasty, but nothing mind blowing. If you're in Gamla Stan and hungry for a big meal, Hermitage is a safe bet.

Stora Nygatan 11, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden