Super Cucas: Vegan Burrito

Growing up in San Diego, I was raised on authentic, delicious Mexican food. My palette for refried beans and guacamole has been refined and perfected over and over again. Moving out of my sunny coastal hometown when I left for college made me incredibly nervous...would I ever have a good burrito again? Would Santa Barbara offer me traditional, lardless refried beans and flavorful Mexican rice without the chicken broth? It was a very stressful time in my life, as you can tell.

Rolling up into Isla Vista, the one-square-mile community located right off the UC Santa Barbara campus, I was relieved to see multiple taco shops located in close proximity to one another. This was a good sign. Once I was all settled into my dorm room (Anacapa FTW!), I called every single Mexican place in Isla Vista inquiring about the ingredients in their beans, rice, and guacamole. The most vegan-friendly one was Super Cucas, a tiny little order-at-the-counter restaurant that was frequented by drunk college students at 3 AM.

After a particularly long day at my off-campus internship, I drove to Super Cucas and ordered my go-to burrito order: beans, rice, and guacamole wrapped in a large flour tortilla with limes for squeezin'. They handed me a massive burrito wrapped in foil like a newborn baby swaddled in it's blanket. I peeled back the foil, layer by layer, and sunk my teeth into soft tortilla, then smooth refried beans, flavorful rice, and cool, plentiful guacamole. Oh my f****** god, this was the. best. burrito. Everything about Super Cucas is perfect--they aren't stingy with the guacamole, the beans aren't overly salty, the rice packs a nice flavor punch without overbearing the entire meal. The fillings are always evenly dispersed so you never get one bite that's all rice and another bite that's all guac. Even though they have a great salsa bar, I never even needed any because the burrito itself was so flavorful. I am just obsessed with Super Cucas, so much so that I even had my 20th birthday dinner there!

For $4.86 or $5.36 (it depends on who is ringing you up, lol), I would get this ginormous burrito with vegan friendly ingredients. The unassuming look of Super Cucas is deceiving, so don't be discouraged by the fluorescent lighting and rather bare interior. Their food is bomb. I made a weekly stop at Super Cucas throughout my entire college career. It will forever hold a place in my heart <3