Roaming Around Rome

Hidden between the crumbling ruins of the Roman Forum and the twisting, cobblestone streets of Rome, Italy is a small but strong vegan community. I didn't have a ton of time to hunt down all the best vegan eats in Rome (between the Vatican and the Colosseum, sightseeing took up most of my time!) but I did manage to taste-test some yummy vegan eats. I'm excited to watch Rome's plant-based group grow and create more of an influence on this ancient city.

100% Bio Cafe

I paid 100% Bio Cafe a visit a few times during my trip to Rome because it was so close to my hostel! This 100% vegan eatery offers a selection of pastries, paninis, cold pressed juices, and a vegan lunch buffet. I fell in love with their vegan pastries and got them several times. The chocolate croissant was my absolute favorite! Paired with an almond milk latte, it's the perfect breakfast. I also sampled their BLT which was filling and delicious! I honestly didn't try a single thing I didn't like at 100% Bio Cafe. This casual eatery is a perfect lunchtime spot to stop and rest your feet during a big day of exploring.

Piazza Di Porta San Paolo, 6/A | Piramide, 00153 Rome, Italy

Come il Latte

What's a trip to Italy without copious amounts of gelato? I made it my mission to have a scoop of gelato every single day while in Italy, and you better believe I was successful at it! The best gelato I had in Rome came from a gelateria near Termini Station (the main railway station in Rome) called Come il Latte. Despite their name (it literally translates to "Like Milk"), Come il Latte offered a variety of vegan flavors. But like most of the gelaterias in Italy, the only vegan flavors were the fruit ones. Luckily, I was in the mood for something fruity and sweet! I decided to go big or go home and got a double scoop of sorbetto, half Raspberry and half Passion Fruit! I got it on a cone because I noticed a sign that said the cones were certified vegan! YAY! The girl helping me also told me that their fresh chocolate sauce is vegan but I didn't think a chocolate sauce would go well with passion fruit, so I declined. This gelato was thick and creamy without being too heavy. The flavors were tart and sweet--absolutely perfect. My dad even said that this was his favorite gelato in Rome, too!


Via Spaventa 26, 00187 Rome, Italy

Pinsere Pizza

Located near Termini station and just a block or two from Come il Latte is Pinsere, one of Rome's highest rated pizzerias. My dad and I stopped by for a late lunch and weren't super impressed. Many of the pizza options were pre-made and sitting in a case, so it lacked the freshness of my favorite pizzeria in Florence, Gusta Pizza. Luckily, since mine was a specialty pizza, it was made fresh. The crust was crispy on the bottom adding a nice textural element to the pie and the toppings were nice, but it just wasn't as flavorful or exciting as I anticipated. Prices are good and pizzas are decent, so if you're in the area and want a vegan pie, it's not a bad place to go.

Via Flavia 98, 00187 Rome, Italy

Other notable eateries:

Margutta RistorArte: This is an upscale dining establishment with a creative and unique menu. I didn't love my vegan pasta dish, felt it was a bit bland. Might be a good spot to go to if you're looking for a fancier dinner experience