M Cafe De Chaya

Working in Beverly HIlls definitely has it's perks. There's endless fashion inspiration as I window shop on Rodeo Drive and countless celebrity sightings (oh hey Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Alba!), but the best thing about working in LA's glitz and glamour hub is the tiny little cafe right around the corner from my office building.

M Cafe de Chaya is a quaint, order-at-the-counter cafe with a shaded outdoor patio and plenty of inside seating. The clean and sparkling interior with rustic touches (like their chalkboard menus) lends itself to create a comfortable atmosphere that practically screams "health food." M Cafe specializes in macrobiotic meals, meaning everything they make is dairy-free, egg-free, poultry-free, and red meat-free. This place is ideal for vegans with non-vegan friends because they offer delicious options like tempeh club sandwiches and tofu scrambles for the plant-eaters, and salmon rolls and tuna salads for the omnivores.

I've been to M Cafe for both breakfast and lunch and have never been disappointed. For breakfast, I ordered their tofu scramble panini with tempeh bacon, vegan cheese, and macrobiotic ketchup. It was incredibly delicious, full of protein, and extremely satisfying.


My favorite lunch item is definitely their tempeh club sandwich. It comes with one of their signature side salads (there are usually six options that rotate weekly based on freshness and availability of their local ingredients). Now, I'm normally the type of person who never has left overs. I can eat A LOT. But halfway through this club sandwich, I was stuffed. I think that's an awesome sign, especially because so many people worry that vegan food won't be filling enough for them. 

M Cafe is a great place to go if you're strolling through Beverly Hills and want a filling, healthy, vegan (or fish!) meal. It's a tad bit pricier than your average cafe, but hey, it's Beverly Hills...what do you expect? Be prepared to pay $10-16 on a filling lunch, and $8-14 for a healthy breakfast. 

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