Magic Mountain: Vegan Girl Takes on a Theme Park

My dad and I made a last minute decision to spend a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I was so stoked to not only have some quality father-daughter time, but also to enjoy all of the park's insane attractions. Knowing I was going to be there all day, I tried to research vegan food options in the theme park. I literally could not find anything--so frustrating!

I decided to just make some food to bring ahead of time and started planning out what types of meals would be ok to carry around unrefrigerated for several hours. I quickly found out that most outside food and drinks aren't allowed in the park. Um, annoying! I decided I would have to suck it up and figured there would be some fresh fruit available for purchase.

I ate a big breakfast (tofu scramble with kale, roasted potatoes, bell peppers, and avocado toast) before we left for Magic Mountain to curb any hunger I might experience during the day. I was ready to tackle this seemingly non-vegan amusement park! 

Within the first hour of us arriving, we were walking around a food court area and I happened to read an advertisement that was posted in the walkway: "MIGHTY MEATLESS MEATBALL SUB". Wait, what? I turned to my dad and asked him if that sign actually said "meatless" because I couldn't tell if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I walked up to the cafe that supposedly had the meatless sub and was astonished to find that their menu listed THREE WHOLE VEGAN OPTIONS! Two salads and vegan CHICKEN STRIPS!! A few of their other menu items (like the Meatless Meatball Sub) were just vegetarian, and I didn't bother to ask if they could be made vegan because I was just too ecstatic to find out that they served plant-based chicken strips. lol. We weren't super hungry yet so we decided to come back in a couple hours.

A few more rides later, we found ourselves not quite hungry but definitely thirsty. Frozen lemonade from Fresher's was exactly what we needed. This frozen lemonade was pretty much a glorified lemon Slurpee with a hefty price tag ($7 for a jumbo size of flavored ice lolol) but it was refreshing and yummy and vegan! So we were happy.

Finally my big breakfast wore off and I started to get a little hungry. We journeyed back to "Go Fresh Cafe" and ordered their vegan chicken strips. The chicken strips came with a choice of one side. They offered baby carrots, a green apple, or fries. I thought it was pretty neat that they offered fresh fruit and veggies but I was also at an amusement park and was ready to indulge, so I got the fries. For $12, you get a huge portion of fries and five Gardein chicken strips. Not quite worth the price but hey, I'm not going to complain when a theme park is offering a decent, plant-based meal option. 

Overall, I was so surprised and pleased to see the steps Six Flags had taken to ensure that specific diets had a variety of options to choose from. I also appreciated that they took the time to determine the difference between vegan and vegetarian, as well as educate the kitchen staff. All of my questions were answered with confidence and accuracy! Though not a mecca of fruits, veggies, and seitan, Six Flags Magic Mountain is definitely a (super fun) vegan-friendly theme park.