Guest Post: A Vegan American in Paris

Bonjour! I’m Libby, a transplant to beautiful Los Angeles and a frequent traveler. Like Devyn, I’m a hardcore vegan foodie who is curious about new hot spots and is a lover of a good home cooked vegan meal!  Recently, I turned in my California apartment key for a key to a European RV. Now I’m exploring vegan cuisine in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy with my plant-based boyfriend Marcel. We started our journey in Paris, France where we dined at two delicious, yet very different vegan restaurants.

Le Potager du Marais is a charming shoebox sized vegan restaurant located in the Beaubourg district.

Serving traditional French dishes, with a vegan twist, this vegan foodie haven is a must for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free diners visiting Paris. With only a few tables inside and outside, Le Potager du Marais has the ambience of a quintessential Parisian restaurant café. We arrived at sunset and enjoyed our last evening in Paris while dining outside.

Our waiter, a charming Parisian, suggested I try the Lasagne aux épinards et eclats de noix gratiné au fromage aka Spinach-walnut lasagna with melted vegan cheese.

Even though our waiter offered gluten-free options, it’s hard for me to turn down lasagna of any kind! I had no regrets after ordering this tower of flaky savory spinach and tree nut cheese! To accompany my delectable lasagna, I had the pleasure to nosh on a fresh salad with mustard dressing.

Marcel ordered Croustillant du Potager, a crusty quinoa burger with homemade provencale sauce, partnered with buckwheat, roasted tomato, and sautéed spinach. His burger was a feast for the eyes.

Dining in Paris may sound like a dream to vegans and non-vegans alike. As an American coming from Los Angeles where nearly every type of cuisine is accessible and dining at any hour is rarely an issue, finding a vegan restaurant open from 4-7 PM in Paris was a feat. We roamed around Paris and finally found three vegan restaurants that were closed on Mondays. We had almost given up hope when we happened upon a real gem…

42 Degrés an entirely raw vegan restaurant is a hot spot for the small yet very passionate raw food community in Paris. When we entered 42 Degrés we found the chef, sous chef, and manager on break. Unfortunately, we had arrived after the restaurant had closed. The manger could see my look of disappointment and he offered us several carry out options.

Raw “burgers” made from mushroom tops, spiced cashew cheese, and a hearty nut pesto.


Pizza with flaxseed crust, Indian inspired spice cashew cheese, sun-dried tomato sauce, mushrooms, and leafy greens.

The staff was so accommodating that they allowed us to dine in and chatted with us for over an hour.

At one point during our conversation the chef asked me what I did. I told them that I had developed a food app. I pulled out Eat Away and showed them how diners can create a profile by customizing their diet and can easily translate and communicate their special diet needs to a server. The vegan chef and traveler was so excited when I told her that the app works entirely offline!

Paris is truly an enchanting city! With several delectable vegan restaurants, it’s hard not to fall in love with the city. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of our vegan dining adventure in France, please watch our short video below!

Sending my love from abroad,


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