Admiral Cheng-Ho

Among the sea of quirky cafes in Melbourne lies Admiral Cheng-Ho, a vegan friendly coffee spot tucked away on a corner in Abbotsford. On a rainy morning on my trip to Melbourne, I popped in for a quick brekky before heading out to explore for the day. I had no idea Admiral Cheng-Ho was going to be so vegan friendly!


I decided to go for the Polenta toast and honestly that's the only thing I need to write about. This breakfast was SO good I got it twice during my stay in Abbotsford. It was insanely unique because it used polenta instead of bread. The flavors were beautiful--I didn't miss regular bread at all. They piled it high with kale, cashew pesto, almond feta, guacamole, beetroot relish, and other veggies. The pesto was creamy and savory and the almond feta tasted freakily like the real thing. It was absolutely incredible. ORDER THIS.

Admiral Cheng-Ho

325 Johnson St.

Abbotsford, VIC 3067