Heartfood Cafe

On our first day in Hobart, my friend and I were super hungry and would've eaten just about anything. Our couch surfing host Nick told us about Heartfood Cafe, and before taking us out to explore the city, we stopped in for a quick meal.

Quick is just what we got at Heartfood! This small, casual Asian eatery had a hot bar filled with amazing looking plates like noodles, rice, tempeh with veggies, tofu, and stir fries. They also had a selection of fresh buns and rolls to choose from! 

I was starving so I ordered a two-entree plate which came with rice or noodles. I opted to try their seitan and green beans, their paprika potato stew, and got noodles as my base. Because my stomach is a bottomless pit, I also ordered the BBQ bun. The noodles, veggies, and stew were all so delicious. Everything was full of flavor! I especially loved the seitan and green beans--the seitan was cooked perfectly so it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The only thing I didn't love was the BBQ bun. It was a bit bland with an off-putting texture. 

Heartfood is a great spot to pop into when you need flavorful, filling lunch that won't put a hole in your wallet. I got everything i mentioned above for about $15! Such a steal, mates!

Heartfood Cafe

66 Liverpool Street

Hobart TAS 7000