Mashed Chickpea Sandwich

I love a good sandwich, especially one that's filling and oozing with avocado. Typically, my sandwiches consist of avo, some leafy green, and tomato. While that combo is really good, it gets old after a while. After hearing a lot about mashed garbanzo bean salad (often called "toona" for it's similarity to tuna salad), I decided to give it a go. I'm in love! 

I'll be the first to admit that mashed garbanzo beans on a sandwich seems weird, but trust me when I say it's absolutely not. The chickpeas are full of protein and have a mild taste. They're super filling on a sandwich and extremely versatile!

I like preparing my mashed chickpeas in the same way that I used to make tuna salad when I was a little kid. A squirt of vegan mayo, a dollop of mustard, and salt and pepper are all you need to make a yummy, flavorful mash. Sandwich it between bread with veggies and you've got yourself the perfect lunch! I've also heard of people mashing their chickpeas with hummus, sriracha, mayo & dill, etc. Experiment with different flavors and seasonings to find the perfect blend for yourself!

Check out my recipe for a delightful mashed chickpea sandwich!

Mashed Chickpea Sandwich

-2 slices of bread (I used Trader Joe's 100% whole wheat sourdough)

-1 can organic garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed thoroughly

-1 tbs Hampton Creek Just Mayo

-1 tbs yellow mustard

-1 cup raw, massaged kale

-1/2 of an avocado

-1 tsp nutritional yeast

-salt & pepper to taste

Pour your drained and rinsed garbanzo beans in a medium sized bowl. Squirt your mustard and mayo on top, and season with salt and pepper. Using a fork or potato masher, mash the garbanzo beans until there are no large chunks and the mayo and mustard have evenly covered the entire mixture. Set aside.

For the massaged kale, put the raw kale leaves in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Using your hands, massage the kale as if you're kneading dough. Continue doing this for about 15 seconds.

Take one slice of bread and spread the chickpea mash all over it. You'll use almost all of your mashed chickpea mixture (save for a few spoonfuls). Top with the massaged kale. On the other slice of bread, spread half of an avocado and then sprinkle with the nutritional yeast. Place the bread avocado side down on top of the kale. Cut the sandwich in half and enjoy!