Rain, Hail, and Vegan Food: The Ultimate Vegan Street Fair

So, yesterday was the

Vegan Street Fair

. I can't tell you how excited I was for this event! I mean, what's better than eating a bunch of vegan food for a cheap price while conversing with other like-minded people? Umm, nothing!

I was an ~*~Official Blogger~*~ for the event which made me feel really cool and important. Basically, all it meant was that I got a neat little badge, free coffee, and early access to tickets and vendors (which I would later realize was SO DAMN IMPORTANT).


So basically, I showed up there in my new cute "

Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You

" crop top (haha, it's hilarious. Also kind of true). Enjoyed some

Stumptown Iced Coffee

and waited for my friend, Sherry, and camera guy, Stephen, to show up. We purchased 48 tickets total (about $34) and expected to film a bit, do some interviews, and eat lots and lots of food.


To our surprise, the Street Fair was a MADHOUSE. There were crowds and crowds of people slowly moving in hoards down the streets, hour long lines for tickets, and two hour long lines for food. Everything was supposed to be between $1 and $3, but after doing the math we found out that most of the things we ate were actually $4. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice if we weren't misled in the advertisements. As the day went on, the crowds kept pouring and pouring in. There were so many people there that walking from vendor to vendor became a daunting task, waiting in line took up most of your day, and filming was almost impossible haha.

We went to three different vendors. The first (and the best) was Organix LA. Sherry and I ordered the Big Mac slider and the Pulled Pork Jack Fruit Slider. They were so delicious and at six tickets each (or $4 a pop) they were the best deal we got for the day.

Organix LA

Our next stop was Donut Friend, mainly because it was one of the shorter lines we found. We ordered the Maple Coconut Bacon mini donut, the S'morrissey S'mores mini donut, and a Strawberry Basil mini donut. For the size, they were a bit pricey but were all very enjoyable!

Donut Friend

Our last stop (and the loooooongest line we waited in) was Southern Fried Vegan. We were tempted by their bacon mac'n cheese and chicken and waffles. Again, this place was a bit overpriced for the portion. It was all really delicious food (especially the chicken and waffles!) but if I could go back, I don't know that I'd wait in a 1.5 hour line for it haha (but is anything worth waiting that long for?). I'd loveee to try their food at a non-festival event!! Not to mention, as we were waiting in line, it began to rain and hail. WTF LA?!

Southern Fried Vegan

Overall, the Vegan Street Fair was a huge success. It was heartwarming to see so many people come out and support local vegan eateries. It was even more exciting to realize that there were that many people who were interested in vegan eats! It would be really cool to see them hold the street fair in a larger space next year, so that they can handle the huge masses of people that are bound to come. It would also be neat for the Official Bloggers to get some other perks (maybe a front of the line pass or some free food tickets?). I was honored to be part of the social media team, but would've done my job of blogging about the event a bit better if I had easier access to food and vendors. Lastly, slightly bigger portions for the advertised price would be really cool :)

I'll post a the footage from the event soon. Be sure to check it out! I'll definitely be going back to the Vegan Street Fair next year! Hope to see you there!