Insanely Tasty Green Smoothie!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm the queen of smoothies. I've been known to use the blender at ungodly hours in the morning (sorry roomies!!) because my craving for a thick, tart, cold, fruity beverage is so strong I simply can't wait until lunch time.

My go-to smoothie recipe uses frozen mixed berries, frozen pineapples, frozen mango, and a splash of OJ or water. This morning, though, I wanted to try something new...something that was jam packed with nutrients and vegetables without tasting like liquified leafy greens. Since bananas are naturally sweet, I figured frozen banana would be a good option, topped with kale and a splash of orange juice. What resulted was SO good. I literally could not taste the kale AT ALL (funny how that happens!) and found myself wishing I had made a double batch! This smoothie is refreshing, filled with vitamins and fiber, and has no added sugar. Score! I definitely recommend this smoothie recipe if you have a hard time getting all your veggies in or just want an ultra-satisfying breakfast drink.

Insanely Tasty Green Smoothie

-1 banana, chopped and frozen

-2 cups fresh kale (frozen would work, too, as would spinach or any other leafy green)

-1 cup orange juice

Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!