QC Naturals Karan's Cleanser

Over the past few months, I've been looking for natural alternatives to the skincare and make up products I use. Coconut oil proves to be an excellent make up remover, and almond oil works wonders as an entirely plant-based eye cream. While I've got my vegan moisturizers and make up removers figured out, finding a facial cleanser that's natural and effective has been difficult. 

My skin is extremely finicky. One day I can be struggling to cover up bumps and the next day need to obsessively moisturize extremely dry and pimple-free skin. My skin fluctuates moderately based on the time of the month, the weather, and my stress levels. Luckily, it's never too bad, but it can be SO annoying to deal with. Traditional cleansers (even cruelty-free ones like Alba) leave my face feeling tight and dry and never really seem to resolve the issues I'm having. 

I recently teamed up with QC Naturals, and they generously sent over their 3-ingredient facial cleanser, called Karan's Cleanser, for me to try. Consisting of rose water, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils, this cleanser is gentle and moisturizing without being oily. Since it's free of synthetic thickeners, it's pretty runny and is easiest to use with a cotton ball or wash cloth. Since using it, my skin has been brighter and my dry patches are clearing up (yay!!!). I love that Karan's Cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth without over-drying it and making it feel tight and inflexible. Plus, it smells like a Lemon Drop Martini which is awesome! 

QC Naturals products are soothing and simple. It's so comforting to know exactly what I'm putting on my skin! Not only that, but I also love to see this product actually working. I always knew the chemical filled, perfumed face washes weren't doing me any favors, but seeing these wholesome, plant-based ingredients actually make a difference with my skin is incredible. 

Check out more of QC Naturals products on their website! New products and designs will be added this September!