Believe Organics

Nowadays, it's pretty difficult to find out what's in your skin care products. Thickeners, fragrances, and dyes are all added to lotions, washes, and toners to make them look and smell nice. The crazy thing is that the best things for our skin (natural oils, fruits, and plants) already smell why do we need all those perfumey smells, again? Oh right...we don't!

Teaming up with Believe Organics has been an absolute blessing! Not only are the company owners absolutely fabulous and so kind, their products are amazing. They were nice enough to send me over a package of their best products and I have to say...I'm totally in love.

They sent me a package of their bath salts, facial toner, and dry hand and body oil, all of which are super nourishing, completely vegan, and 100% cruelty-free. 

The detoxifying bath salts make for the most luxurious at-home spa day! I love putting them in a warm bath, lighting some candles, and relaxing with a berry smoothie in hand. They smell absolutely amazing because they're scented with essential oils. Your skin will thank you after a nice soak in a Believe Organics detox bath, and so will your well-rested mind and spirit!

The dry hand oil has been a life-saver for me! I suffer minor eczema on my fingers. It doesn't happen very often, but when those pesky little bumps showed up on my pointer finger after a bout of particularly cold weather, I rubbed the Believe Organics dry oil on it twice a day. It cleared up in two days, which was amazing! It's lasted for weeks at a time before! The nourishing and moisturizing oils healed my hand up faster than any prescription cream. Just goes to show you how powerful plants can be!

The facial toner is my absolute favorite Believe Organics product! I use it every single night after  I wash my face. It smells really fresh and natural (kind of like oregano!) and gives me a cool, refreshing spritz of moisture right before bed. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a low-maintenance way to tone and energize their skin! 

Believe Organics also sent me their all-natural lip balm. As an obsessive lip balm applier, having this readily available in my purse has been a life saver! It goes on clear and offers a rich nourishing layer of natural balm. Like all of their other products, it smells naturally floral and works like a charm :)

Check out the Believe Organics shop for some of their other amazing products! Remember...what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! Treat your skin right with all-natural and cruelty free products. Good for you, the animals, and the environment.