QC Naturals Timmy's Toner

I may not suffer from terrible acne or dry flaky skin, but a definite source of self-consciousness for me is my uneven skin tone. Under eye circles and light (but oh-so-obvious to me) patches of pink and red cover the skin on my face. Though my facial discoloration is not severe or likely even that noticeable to others, it's something I always notice. 

I am always looking for healing, nourishing things I can do for my skin. I recently picked up using almond oil as a moisturizer for my eyes, and applying a light lotion to my skin every night. I'm diligent about washing my face with Karan's Cleanser every morning and evening, too. The one thing that was missing from my skincare routine was an all-natural toner.

My friends from QC Naturals offered to send me their simple, moisturizing facial toner (called Timmy's Toner) for me to try and of course, I said yes. I love QC Naturals brand products because they're soothing, simple, and effective. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened my package from QC Naturals was their new and improved packaging. Their originally packaging was glass which, for a clumsy girl like me, always made me nervous (I can't tell you how many wine glasses, plates, and bowls I've shattered by dropping them on the ground). Luckily, I've had a streak of firm handedness and my QC Naturals Karan's Cleanser is still in tact. The new more durable packaging won't break though, so it's perfect for the butter fingered klutz! 

The second thing I noticed was the list of ingredients: pure, natural, and completely recognizable. All it really is is water, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and lemon oil. No weird, crazy synthetic chemicals that are toxic for your skin and the environment. QC Naturals focuses on holistic, healing ingredients that will treat your skin well.

After a week of using this Toner, I have to say I'm completely in love. It leaves my skin feeling clean without over drying it. My complexion appears brighter and the few blemishes I had have disappeared. My skin feels soft and smooth, and the tone seems more even. I always feel like doing a little happy dance whenever I use Timmy's Toner because I know I'm doing something ultra-beneficial for my skin.

Head on over to qcnaturals.com to order your own set of awesome, natural skincare products!