Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai on the Thai New Year is probably the happiest place on earth. Sounds kind of weird, but it's true. Overnight, the city goes from the average small city to a full fledged water gun fight...seriously! The locals laugh gleefully as they dump buckets of water onto unsuspecting friends, family members, strangers, and tourists. Every shop sells a variety of water guns to purchase and every person, young or old, gets involved in the soaking wet fun. Chiang Mai's enthusiastic New Year celebrations made me fall in love with the city, but it was their booming vegan scene that attracted me to go there in the first place. We didn't spend long in Chiang Mai, but the restaurants we did have a chance to visit were awesome.


Taste From Heaven

We returned to Taste From Heaven on multiple occasions since we just couldn't get enough of their fully vegetarian menu! Their version of a BLT came with tasty vegan bacon, thick tomatoes, lettuce, egg-free mayo, and toasted sourdough bread. It was the perfect break from the multitude of Thai noodles and curries I'd been eating throughout my trek through Thailand. Friendly staff, a diverse menu, and tons of vegan options make Taste From Heaven truly a taste from heaven :)

34/1 Ratmakka road (opposite soi 1) Prasing Muang Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand


The Juicery

There's nothing more satisfying that fruity ice cream and mango on a hot (and I mean HOT) day in Chiang Mai. The Juicery has got you covered! We popped in here on the day of the Thai New Year to get a break from the endless waterfall from water guns and hoses and fill our tummies with something cool and sweet. I decided to order their mangosteen sorbet (to die for!) and a traditional Thai dessert of sticky rice with mango. The mango was super fresh and ripe, and the rice had a hint of sweetness and, interestingly enough, a distinct hint of saltiness! It all paired so well together and was such a delicious snack. 

8-10 Samlarn Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand